Monday, February 15, 2010

And the Winner is...

Shellie:  Hey Y'all! Thanks for playing the slogan game with us. We appreciate all the good ideas and this wasn't easy by any stretch, but it's time to choose a winner. Now, if we could have a drum roll please...

And the winner is "Angels of the Airwaves"! Congratulations, Kory! We loved all the slogans, but yours speaks to us in particular about the many people we'll be interviewing and their love stories with the written word that we'll be bringing back to our respective radio shows. We want to celebrate those angel readers that keep literature alive! Send me an email with your physical address and your prize box will be on it's way.

Keep reading and keep believing!
Shellie and River


  1. Shoot, I figured 'Two hoots and a hollar' would have taken it for sure...

  2. River and Shellie have so much going on, there were PLENTY of great slogans that would fit them. I think the tour sounds like great fun, and I'm glad you picked my slogan! Fiddlin' Kelsey and I will see you angels in Franklin!

  3. Love the Slogan...perfect for you two angels!

  4. Darn the luck.
    Congrats to Kory.
    And y'all drive safe, now.