Tuesday, February 9, 2010


River: I'm thinking it was the SIBA Trade show Shellie - what do you think? The moment of inspiration was the trolley car cell phone incident. WAIT! Or was it when we first met at Pulpwood Queens Girlfriend Getaway Weekend - I remember the moment - both of us with laptops humming, blackberries cracking, and somehow trying to juggle radio show productions from Jefferson.

Shellie: Nah, we were full steam ahead with this idea by that time, remember? Jefferson, home of the Pulwood Queen, host to the Pulpwood Festival and Girlfriend Weekend/Book Event Extraordinaire, just threw gas on our word fire!

River: Well, the shows were definitely years ahead but our inspiration to take the shows on the road? Maybe it was when we were running around in Decatur at the Decatur Book Festival -  I guess the truth is taking our radio shows on the road was an ongoing hum. A developing saga for sometime.

Shellie: Actually, I think the idea was birthed that time you arrived in your shiny new Jeep in the niche of time and on a wing and a prayer for your author panel, and yours truly was waiting in front of building to grab your keys and park your brand new baby. I trust you've forgiven me for texting you that little funny concerning my innocence as to that dent in the left fender-- you know the message I sent just as you were going on? I was just loosening you up.

River: I didn't think it was funny did I Shel? Well, no need to worry - that run in with those 3 deer has gotten me over the worry of a little ding in the jeep. NOW that I think of it, I think this story might really have started during the trolly car crash that caused witnesses (ummm, that's friends) to say you two need to just hit the road together.

Shellie: Of course, there is always the chance that they just wanted us to hit the road period, meaning, leave the city they were in before anything worse happened...

River: No matter when it happened, the fact is Shellie and I are both interviewing authors every week on the air, promoting new book releases, taking the pulse of the book industry, and hearing from readers on what they are loving and why. And we both have some things in common. We both love talking a lot! To God (who is a good listener) to our husbands (who say, umhum baby and probably didn't hear a word), to our children who actually like us and will be seen in public with us, - and yes to those grandbabies who we think walk on water!

Shellie: Is this where I should post pictures of Grant Thomas, nine month old Baby Beau Czar and Emerson Ann, 14 month old Bellerina Czar? It's late and I'm tired, but as The Arnold would say, "I'll be back."

River: We also love great words,and stories in all their glory. And we are a little fond of all things Southern like Boiled Peanuts, rocking chairs, back porches, slow summer evenings, and the smell of dirt just before it rains.

Shellie: Stories and words, words and stories. They're gonna pile up in our Jeep and fall out all over everybody, Rivuh! (Thought I should let the folks know that I like to call you Rivuh. It makes me feel all Scarlett like.)

River: Our differences - oh, no doubt we are about to discover what those are to the full extent after fourteen days on the road together. Here's a few right up front.
#1. My music tendencies run pretty much from The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Coldplay and The Blind Boys of Alabama. I'm thinking Shellie will not really like my music. (We are packing separate earphones)

Shellie: I lean towards Kirk Franklin, December Radio, Allison Kraus, Babbi Mason, Reba Does She Need a Last Name, and Carey Underwood.

River: #2. Shellie tends to get HOT a LOT. I tend to run COLD all the TIME. (We are packing layers to take off and put on respectively. - Maybe I can just put on the layers Shellie is taking off to cut down on our packing!)

Shellie: I hope your Jeep baby has those seperate controls. I keep forgetting to ask you about that. Oh, well, no matter, I can always hang my head out the window. It's not like I haven't done it before.

River: Okay - the most excellent cool thing is - We are so EXCITED to be going out to visit book sellers, readers, and story lovers across six states. We already love each and every book seller we've spoken with. Our only disappointment is that with SEVENTEEN Bookstores/Venues AND a SPECIAL SIBA NIGHT EVENT in FOURTEEN days - we don't have time to make ever visit where we've been invited. (Next year? Could there possibly be a Southern Wing & A Prayer Tour II in the works?)

Shellie: Oh, yes, there could, Virginia, River. It may even be an annual event! Who knows?!

Stay tuned here for ALL THE INSIDE NEWS From the both of us as the Great Southern Wing and A Prayer Tour continues. And stay tuned for the awesome giveaways to tour trackers!

Special thanks to Literary Threads for joining the tour as an official sponsor and offering great totes for a lucky winner at every store!

And To Panola Pepper from Lake Providence, LA for sponsoring us, and packing us out with all kinds of goodies to give away!  

We'll be comin' 'round the mountain near your hometown soon!

Tread softly and carry a ton of books,
~River and Shellie


  1. I am LOVING this new blog! yall are gonna be so much fun I can tell already! Please bring my MIL back safely Rivuh :)

  2. Kudos on the tour blog! I love the sketch of the gals in the convertible... makes me think of "Thelma and Louise." The South will never be the same again:-)

  3. Thanks Carey! We're hyped about the blog and the trip and I'll come home safely-- tomboy honor.

    Susan, did you know my wonderful son-in-law drew that for us??