Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Packing Clampett Style

River: Okay - for those of you old enough to remember, or who have the good graces of TV LAND cable where they are PRESERVING our TV heritage, then you know all about that image of the Clampett's truck setting out to move to Hollywood piled high to the heavens with everything in this world including granny and her rocking chair.

Shellie: Come and listen to the story of some girls, corn fed...

River: Well folks, here's the deal -  We only have so much room for our stuff in the jeep and our packing list has just begun - are you ready for this. 

1. Sleeping bags for the nights we must sleep like real cowgirls under the stars
2. Hot rollers, hair dryers, hair brushes, hair spray, hair flat irons, hair spray and all things hair.
3. Make up for high definition television interviews - see exhibit a) pink fishing tackle box filled with spackle for faces and eyes
4. Outfits that will last us 14 days and nights with never once having time to do our laundry even at the Wishy Washy on the road. 
5. Shoes for cold days, muddy days, mountin stops, seeing ROCK CITY, southern alabama, driving with tired ankles and booties to sleep in.
6. Mama's medicine kit which includes Pepto Bismol, Alka Seltzer cold plus, Vit C, those antibotics the dog never finished just in case, and a strange little bottle of things left over from other prescriptions that might just come in handy cause you just never know if someone might have a toothache, the hives, or naseau due to car sickness from trying to ride and twitter too much.
7. Electronics. Now this takes on a life form of it's own as we must bring multiple sets of headphones, audio recording equipment, two maybe three laptops for work and production, music for interludes, a couple of crackberries and charging equipment for both rooms and cars, gps electronic devices because ya'll - we are going to get lost, video equipment for the docudrama part of the program, flip phones, cords that we no longer recognise but are sure belong to something and we should bring them just in case. Cameras, camera batteries, camera charges, camera connectors for laptops and throw away cameras cause Mama says she is tired of never seeing pictures that just end up on the internet.

(Shellie: Mama is just gonna love you for that last one, Rivuh. She is so weary of people not printing out pictures anymore. "For goodness sakes, Shellie, I need some regular pictures I can show people.")
8. Raincoast, warm coats, jeans jackets, and coats just for Mississippi air conditioning (note - this may just be for River's suitcase) 
9. Ball caps. We don't know why but We're thinking we are going to need ball caps maybe with our wing and prayer logo's and that we'll ride with the windows down so we just can't even hear each other talking anymore.
10. Books. Hahahaha. Not just books to read but some of our books. Then our books to read. Aloud. To each other. Oh, and add one Kindle to that electronic devise list.
12. A double loaded pocketful of prayers for a safe journey there and back again.
13. Earplugs so that we can just smile sweetly at one another and say, UH, huh.
14. Pictures of the Adorables and the Baby Czars - so that we can brag a little on the road.

Shellie: And number 15: Something small and cute with bullets.
River: That number 15 will have to be a whole new blog :) 
Okay - friends, followers, and author buddies who have logged thousands and thousands of miles on the road - what are we forgetting?  We're counting on you so do tell!

River and Shellie


  1. The only thing I don't see right off is a husband pulling a trailer with all the stuff you've got planned to carry. That, or a tour bus.

  2. Oh, I forgot. Hand Sanitizer. Lots of it. Wouldn't want you two catching the coodies...

  3. Ziplock bags! Never know when a haircare product or lotion is gonna spring a leak or a hairspray is gonna not keep up with its lid! Then shoots off in your suitcase! Ziplock bags! And trash bags! Trash bags to hide all the junk food wrappers. Nothing worse than opening car door at gas station and all that evidence hits the ground and rolls over the foot of the guy in the adjacent aisle.

  4. Dear Swamp - you are right and I have cooties now. Note: More hand sanitizer! Darla thank you too. bags and bags for hiding products and evidence!

  5. Can't wait to see you gals in NC!!! There is a great song by Nanci Griffith..."The Wing and the Wheel"...put it on your travel mix.

  6. Accessories (no I don't mean those wires you don't recognize anymore) I mean take a simple black dress add different accessories (scarf, necklace, jacket, flats, boots, blazer) and voila you have at least 5 different outfits!

  7. Excellent suggestions, all! Hand sanitizers, baggies, and accessories. Keep those tips coming, folks!

  8. Yes, yes please do. When we say we need all the help we can get - if you don't believe us - check out both our recent blogs!