Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Penny for your thoughts...

Shellie: It's two o'clock and I just got back to my desk. I took my niece to the doctor this morning to help with her three year old who had fallen and fractured her tibia. Poor thing, the baby not the niece, is now in a cast up to her hip. Emmie did really well getting the cast. As she is quite the drama queen, we were totally impressed with her attitude and level of co-operation. Of course, her mindset became quite clear one minute after we got in the car and the new wore off her rocking hot pink cast. "Okay," she said. "It's all better. I'm ready to take it off now." Big sigh from her mom. And now, for the first of many thousands of times, "We've got to leave it on a while long, honey." And here we go....

Wait! Perhaps this post should've come with a disclaimer. Okay, here's one now: This post will be full of digressions from the original digression. I feel better.

It's two o'clock, the day is half over and I am staring at my overwhelming desk. I could and should jump into knocking out content I'll have to tape Monday that will air the following week on the radio affiliates that carry my daily taped segments. That would let me turn my attention to doing radio prep for Friday's LIVE show and after checking that off, I could send out the postcards to the stores on our tour, (right, Rivuh?) and after that I could get the t-shirt order to Simmons, and after that I could attack the inbox, and after that I could work on the manuscript that must be in New York, JUNE 1ST!

But, am I doing any of that? All together now: NO! Instead, I'm doing what I suspect all author type people do when they're supposed to be writing. I am p-r-o-c-r-a-s-t-i-n-a-t-u-n-g. It is an art, perfected over time. It is also called, "priming the pump", writing endless words to get to some that matter. I think I have to go thru more than the average bear to get to those that count. 

And now, just when all of us thought this post was totally pointless, (and River is probably seriously considering using her admin credentials to get in here and delete this), I shall get to my reason for strolling over to our little mutual blog. 

As River and I may have mentioned a hundred dozen times, one of the goals of our wild and wooly road trip isto interview Y'ALL the book-sellers and the book readers. I'm getting really excited about that! I spend time at night when I should be resting my tired brain, thinking about not wasting such a fantabulous opportunity. I do not want to miss a thing. So, here's my question. If you were with us, and you could interview a stranger about the industry in general, or their literary tastes in particular, what would you ask them?
Keep reading, keep believing.

(P.S. to Rivuh, I have no idea why the font changed sizes and shapes and some of the letters wouldn't stay with their rightful owners. I can't seem to fix it and I didn't do it on purpose, tomboy honor.)

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  1. Oh my poor baby emmy! i miss you and so sorry you hurt your leg. Glad keggie was there with you and your mom is one tough and amazing lady! Don't worry the cast will be off before you know it!