Monday, February 22, 2010

BookCrossing joins the Tour!

River: We are making a list and checking it twice and yes - running out of more room every single day to fit all our great giveaways and goodies in the Jeep before we hit the road.

If you've never heard of BookCrossing you just don't know all the fun that you've been missing. We are proud to announce that BookCrossing has just joined the Southern Wing and A Prayer Tour as an official sponsor. They'll be providing us with some of the coolest book stuff you've ever seen for our great givewaways and . . . can we have a drum roll please -

Just because we didn't have enough to do we're going to be setting a book loose in the WILD every day of the trip. You can read all about exactly what that means at BookCrossing because they do such an incredbile job of doing what they were created to do. Celebrate books by just giving them away in strange place.

Shellie: Wild writer women giving away odd books in strange places. What a perfect sponsor!

BookCrossing first crossed our paths back in OHHH that was about the 1900's. Okay - at least it feels that way when they firsts visit the Gulf Coasts many years ago for a great book festival known as Book Alive. The founding member of BookCrossing gave this incredbile demonstraion how books were being set free and readers responded in droves. What's a drove you might ask? Just go on over, check out the site and you'll soon discover how many book enthusiasts from so many countries make up a drove.

Yes, each of us will be releasing a book into the wild every day, twittering and facebooking clues along the way of just where we left that book as we hit the road again - and then giving away great BookCrossing surprises to the people that find our little treasure!

Yes, that's more to pack but we're having too much fun to stop now. Thanks BookCrossing for joining the Great Southern Wing and A Prayer tour and to all our readers and tour trackers who are making plans to join us on the road or follow us on facebook/twitter/and youtube!

Keep reading, keep believing,
River and Shellie

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