Monday, March 29, 2010

Big Fun at Page and Palette

We entered Fairhope with incredible Sunshine, a festive Spring air and with everyone dancing! See, we mean it.

 Where we received the key to the city upon our arrival. (okay - we received the keyhole but that was good enough for us. We felt welcomed.)
 Page and Palette corners the market on most, excellent reads.
The Cat was waiting. With attitude.
 And so were old and new friends. And enticing things to buy.
 Our newest friends were waiting patiently when we arrived. And no, we were not late. They were early and that really is the truth. What beautiful souls and how much fun they were.
 Ellen made that great dish the Caviar of the South. Yum, yum. Really.
 Love this sign and it is all true.
 We love it when children feel so welcome.

 Ahhh, stories, stories, stories.
 Beautiful Rita graced us with her presence. Thank you for listening to everything.
 Rick gave us a little technical advice, and just cracked us up. And he made our other new friends from Chicago feel a real, southern welcome. Love that fact that the family visiting had never once before been to an author reading, signing, or tapdance. Rick said  that it certainly wouldn't be their last he was sure of that.

 Bookstore Ellen and Sandra.
 WE have a pocket full. A double fisted pocketful!
DSC_0032These boards of welcome have been some of our favorite things on the trip and we are saving all the pictures for the Mama's. 


 Ellen was so nice to host us. She made our night.
 Ummm, which way do we go?????
 We walked back to our home away from home  away from home like tired but happy pups, still telling stories, still staring at that great full moon,

Love a town with a clock. We wanted to take this one home with us. For the record it's glued down!

 Somewhere in here is a place to lay our tired heads. 

Shellie is missing March Madness and she has whined about it a lot! Really, really a lot. She is so missing it she wanted to find a place with a tv when we discovered there was no hotel restaurant or room service.

So we roughed it like any good writers on the road. A little fireplace, a bite to eat, and a whole lot of Thankful.

Turn the page folks, we are in bed and then down the road to Lemuria Books and Jackson, Mississippi.

Coming and going on a Wing and a Prayer!

River and Shellie.

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  1. Marvelous Dance picture! How do you manage to get all these wonderful pictures?? I have a triple fisted pocket full.. lol Love that sign! A few more days girls.. Then it's "Home Sweet Home" Godspeed! ;)