Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gnu’s Room, Auburn AL

Yoshi greeted us the moment we entered the GNU's Room. BUT wait! There is more of a story to Yoshi's presence. Stay tuned.
 So Shellie is telling a story and Yoshi the dog let's out this strange grunt, falls over dead on her side, legs in the air and paws over here face. We swear! Ask the witnesses. Of course she was only faking but it was all kinds of funny!

 Tina and Kelley were delightful bookstore hosts.



 Anna Ruth is so delighted to Suck in Her Stomach and Put on Some COLOR! (Okay, okay, she came that way.


 River Jordan, Anna Ruth, Kelley, Tina, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson in our Great GNU'S ROOM SHIRTS.

 The beautiful, hysterical, funny Amanda, Kelley, the person who said we JUST MUST COME TO AUBURN AND GO TO GNU'S, THE FAMOUS LIBRARIAN FROM BAY MINETTE, CHARLOTTE ROBERTSON, Tina, and a special, shining guest.

 Okay our- Newests favorite Bathroom Sign.

 Wait - how did this get here. There are no connectors. It's a chocolate bar at the wonderful Italian restaurant.

DSC_0177And that's ALL FOLKS for tonight! See you tomorrow in Fairhope, AL and Monday at Page and Palaette 
where we'll be coming in on a Wing and a Prayer.

River and Shellie

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