Sunday, March 21, 2010

New favorite line of the trip

While on a detour, a long detour rerouteing up around a rock slide, thru the mountains of North Carolina, on a winding, curvy, beautifully dangerous mountain road we finally come upon a potential pit stop.

The kind souls inside point up towards a bathroom. River heads that direction, seeing only the bathroom under construction (pic attached) and not the one beyond it says, "Do you have one with a door?"

On the road again...

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  1. Hmmm... Kinda like being in a out house which I have used a time or two in my life. lol Doing great girls... Love all your pictures.... ;)

  2. Hey girls: We wanted to let you know that the BB Queens are going to set free some of our books in preparation for your arrival on the 30th.

  3. Hmmm.. Kinda of like being in a out house, which I have used a time or two in my
    You girls are doing great. Love all your pics... hang in there!!

  4. oops didn't mean to post again.. I will get the hang of this one day.. ~;)

  5. Lee we would rather you post a thousand times than not at all. We do that too. I grew up with my parents having an outhouse and I'd be shocked if Shellie hasn't visited one. Leslie thanks for setting books free! What fun.

    And that bathroom door - What Shellie didn't add was my 2nd line was (and at this point we had been going around hairpin turns and rock slides for hours was ) because if you don't we are fixin' to be family!

  6. Trying again to post a comment --I've posted so many and some were real funny . Can't remember now but I too used the privy and a bush and an outhouse. When it's needed -Well a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do.

  7. Lee, not at all worried about you getting the hang of it. You are doing find and we appreciate your tracking us!

    Leslie, that's cool :) We like that and we're looking forward to seeing y'all again :)

    Hey Mary Yetta! I'm glad you were finally able to post. Other people are still having problems, but I promise-- it's Blogger. We've done all we can. :)