Thursday, March 25, 2010

We Know Exactly Where We Are…

GPSX2 Our dueling gps systems were arguing with one another and would not agree on which way we needed to go. We reverted to pulling out the old fashioned Atlas from the back seat. Hold the farm folks - we need to get things sync'd up here.
DSC_0103 Okay - that didn't work. Let's try something a little more old-fashioned. Can you tell us the way to . . . . ?

 Ummm, thanks for that double shot expresso for the road but now can you tell us exactly WHICH way down the road we are supposed to be headed?
 And would that be East or West?
 What I"m saying is - you head on down the road, take your first left, go about three miles, take a right, get up on that highway . . .
More of these to come!

On a Wing and a Prayer and so not kidding -
River and Shellie

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  1. Wish they were pointing in my direction...Have a good day girls. :)