Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Video Conversations from City Lights

It’s a little after ten Tuesday night. We’re in Woodstock, GA, where we’ve just checked into our refuge for the night after a perfectly wonderful evening at Foxtale Books. We’ll be blogging about our delightful events at both Blue Ridge Osandu and Foxtale as soon as possible! For now, please enjoy these video clips from City Lights, Sylva, NC while we get back to the editing.
Book Conversation from City Lights 3-21-10 Part I and Book Conversation from City Lights 3-21-10 Part II

And if we don't catch up fast enough - don't forget to tune in to River Jordan Live tomorrow at 12-2 107.1fm Nashville or http://www.riverjordanlive.com where I'm sharing our road trip experience, playing a little music, and mixing it in with literary news.

Bye for now but not for long!
River and Shellie


  1. Great read Shellie.. Loved the beauty and clarity of Kathryn's words in Mountain Time.. One of my favorites of hers is Catching Light! Loved it. Hope you have a wonderful day.. Kudos to you both.. :)

  2. Ladies it is Wednesday night and I have been following you all day..This old girl is all tuckered out! Have a good night, don't work to hard, and get plenty of rest!! See you tomorrow..;)