Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Face first

Good morning from the road and the back porch of the awesome Bed and Breakfast that is Brookside Mountain Mist Inn in Waynesville, NC.

I can't speak for River--she is in the room at this moment enjoying a moment of solitude, so please note that I am in no way implying she looks like the duck on the right. I, however, am closely identifying with the duck on the left in this picture. Her posture and her expression suggests she has tripped face first, unknowingly and accidentally into something amazing. The story of my life meets road trip.

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  1. Love the comparison of pictures and words! Perhaps we will see a future book in the making from this almighty tour.. Keep on rolling with the flow. ;)

  2. Actually that duck on the left reminds me of myself. That's why I had to get my left shoulder fixed and still in therapy!I'm always falling--almost took a bad fall at GFW this year but my daughter caught me.I can see the analogy well.I think ya'll need to take a little rest somewhere!I bet you didn't allow for that on the trip.Good luck girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!