Saturday, March 27, 2010

Next stop, Capitol Book in Montgomery

So we were on the road .  . . And then we see this!  And we're thinking Now wait a minute. That huge thing is not a passenger jet. And wait just a cotton pickin minute.

Are those prop planes? Are we in a time warp????  No, We justs happened to be driving into Montgomery on this sunny day as the Blue Angels were performing their on Wing and A Prayer Show.
Then we pull in fast and furious at Capitol Book and News. Okay - just fast. THe door opens with a whoosh as Cheryl breathes a sigh of relief. Apparently, she has been keeping up with the tour travels, lost keys, and dualing gps signals.
 This is the delightful Cheryl Upchurch, owner of Capitol and a living doll. Her brother Scott just happened to be spending the day with family from St. Louis.

 Inside/Outside Oh what a happy place!

Yes, The Wing and a Prayer Tour has landed!!!
 Yes, the sound of the register and books selling just tickles Eleanor.

 The 19 year old mascot of Capitol Book and News. She has greeted customers longer than some of them have been alive! Booksellers tell us that if they take a day off no one notices. But if she goes missing everyone is searching for her.
 And now she poses pretty. Well, book mascots have an important job.

DSC_0152These were our delightful, breathless vistors that came rushing in from the airshow - and I mean rushing through the door signing in the air with invisable pens saying - WE NEED BOOKS! WE NEED SIGNED BOOKS. Please don't leave! We read about the tour. 

And check this out - it was their FIRST TIME TO CAPITOL BOOK AND NEWS EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE LOCAL. We love it. We were wearing our designer shirts designed by author/artist Daniel Wallace, gifts from Capitol Books with pride.

More blogging and upcoming radio shows abounding about our trip and all our new friends.

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  1. Ah! The sweet mascot!! Just adorable.. Oh and everyone else also Great store!:)