Friday, March 19, 2010


What does 33, 27, and 90 have to do with this road trip?

33 more miles to our next event, 27 miles to empty, and 85 is how many miles per hour we're going to get there as close to late as possible.

So hoping this doesn't turn into The Great Southern Apology tour.

Note to selves, two words: Time Zone

On the road again,
River and Shellie

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  1. OMGoodness! Yall be careful please! I thought Rivuh promised to return you in one piece!!!

  2. Now Carey - You know Shellie is giving to having a grand imagination and stretching things maybe a tad here and there.

  3. No putting the pedal to the metal girls.. Hope I said that right~) Watch your speed.. Good things will come for those who wait...;)

  4. Lee, I'm trying to find Shellie's blog she posted about just that but can't find it. WAtch for more Tomorrow! And thanks for the good word.