Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ready or Not Here We Come?

River: Not. Not ready.

Shellie: I can't imagine why! Personally, I'm so ready... NOT! :)

River: I've been thinking of things I really hope Shellie is not allergic to certain things. Like Chanel perfume and me singing Me and Bobby MeGee at the top of my lungs because it is such a great road trip song.

Shellie: Far as I'm concerned, you can bathe in Chanel. Won't bother me a bit. As for the Me and Bobby MeGee, well, I may have to see "On the Road Again" with Waylon and Willie, so we'll be even.

River: I've also been making a list and checking it twice. It is not making me feel anymore prepared. I am searching for a new purse that will carry EVERYTHING including recording equipment. Picked up one cowboy sized satchel I needed a horse to carry. And that was before I loaded it up with everything from said Chanel to plugs and microphones.

Shellie: A list? Yeah...I started a list too! ( Note to self: FIND THAT LIST!)
River: The Loveless Cafe will be our shall say last lunch before we hit the road? But what better place to break bread with Nashville writers over biscuits and fried chicken and jam - and thanks to the Loveless Cafe for offering up a Jam Pack to some fortunate Wing and Prayer tour tracker.

Shellie:  Okay, so seriously. I'm totally stoked about breaking bread with author folks at The Loveless Cafe. Additional thanks from me to the Loveless folks for the give-a-way! 

River: Shellie you'll be happy to know I whipped out my little pocket knife from my purse and opened up that new Droid battery charger like nobody's business. (Could something cute with bullets be far behind?)

Shellie: Don't even start with me about that Droid, River Jordan. I wanted one before the trip, too, and it looks like I'm gonna have to stay with the bberry! Although, of course, I am proud of you for being all can-do.

River: Umm, did I mentioned that new Droid? Now if I can only figure out how to ANSWER THE PHONE by the time we head out of town.

Shellie: You mentioned the Droid. I can't speak for the others but I'm ignoring you. 
River: I am also making a list of things that I am NOT doing before Shellie you arrive at my door. I am NOT painting the walls, fixing the porch, removing the old wallpaper border, buying new dishes or shower curtains. However, I don't even think I will cook a meal and you will be the better for it. I will spray the white goat dog with Chanel.

Shellie: Well, shucks, now-- and here I was expecting a full course meal with a fingertip bowl. You will have Diet Coke, right? Or shall I bring my own?

River:  My mother is starting to count the days and ask me serious questions - again? Like why are you doing this? Are you driving your own vehicle if I might ask? Are ya'll having to pay for the gas? And I sure hope someone comes to see you. To which I must reply - Momma, we wouldn't trade this experience traveling across Six states and talking books to everyone we meet for anything.

Shellie: I think my Mama would feel a lot better about me hitting the road with someone who "mightaswellbeatotalstranger" if you filled out a questionairre.

River: So please, ya'll do turn out and bring your Mama's, sisters, brothers, cousins and neighbors because our Mama's happen to be tracking this tour and they are demanding hard evidence that we are going where we say we are and doing what we say we are doing and not just off lollygagging.

 Shellie: Amen, to that special request from Rivuh. We want to see y'all, find out what lights your literary fire, and pick your brains for new material hear your thoughts on the future of the written word and the advantages and disadvantages of the new technology. Now, y'all go ahead and leave us a little note if you read this. We LOVE your comments.

Yours on a Wing and A Prayer,
River & Shellie


  1. You girls keep me in my laughter zone.... Can't visit all the places you will be touring, but I will definitely be following you, and no I am not your stalker. lol I'm just a simple woman who loves a great read...Keep on rolling with the flow.. ;)

  2. Well, now, Lee baby-- that was a sweet comment. THANKS! I shall now head over to your place to visit.

  3. It's me, again, Lee-- I can't find your blog. you blog? LOL

  4. Shellie, Blog??? Simple is as simple does. lol Just your ordinary person who has a lot to learn about all this high tech stuff. I'll leave that for all you wonderful writers out there. ;)