Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Tour Time

Shellie: As the Great Southern Wing and a Prayer trip nears, River and I are trying to carve out time to discuss the many tour details that need addressing before we hit the road. And yet, as said road trip nears, the list of personal and business details that must be crossed off before we pull away from our respective homes is growing faster than the mold on the leftovers in my refrigerator (for the record, that’s on the list, too) and almost as fast as the list of caring questions from our family and friends, in particular our mamas, “Honey, do you really know that girl well enough to take off on a two-week road trip?”

River: As I said on the radio show today We are about to know one another a whoooooole lot better. And for the record - those moldy leftovers are on my list too. I know it's time to do it when I keep yelling at husband DON'T EAT THAT YOU'll GET SICK! anytime he pulls something out in tupperwear.

Shellie: Amidst today’s hustle and bustle, it occurs to me that River and I have talked to each other about the give-a-aways we’ll be doing along the way, but I don’t know that we’ve told y’all how this is gonna work. So, here goes what I know and River can chime in:

River: Hmmmm, Shellie's right. We don't have time to breathe much less talk as we get closer to the wire. Let me go see if what she is saying is what we said.

Shellie: At each stop on the landing we’ll be drawing winners/door prizes from those attending the event. (Please see box on left hand banner to know where we’ll be and when we’ll be. Asking me would be useless, but I actually think River has it memorized. Memorized. Color me impressed.) Yes, that means you must be present to win and while we know your mamas are just as adorable as ours, she can’t win unless you bring her. Prizes include books and Literary Threads book bags, All Things Southern t-shirts, Book Crossing cool things, and Panola Pepper Products!

River: EXACTLY. We tried to think of other ways but this is the perfect reward for taping American Idol, throwing something in the crockpot for dinner, and getting out to see us on the ROAD!

Shellie: We’re also gonna be giving away daily prizes to those who follow the tour. I was gonna say “track us” on tour, but that just looked scary in a stalker kind of way. I’m not gonna stop here and tell y’all about Stalker Boy from high school who stashed prizes in my locker and hid to watch me find them even though it is a great story cuz he may find it and then, well, there you go.

River: Shellie put that down for a story on the road after you scan the audience to make sure Stalker boy isn't present (but on the hush hush - yes tour trackers is right.)

Shellie: Rules to win the “follow” prizes: You must be signed up to follow the tour here and you must leave a daily comment on facebook, twitter, or here on the blog. We would prefer these to have something to do with the tour, but heck, if you feel the need to comment on your Cousin Betty’s fourth husband we’ll be fine with that, but do know she may find her way into our next project. Material is a finders’ keepers thing with us.

River: Don't you know we are using this big radio road trip as a sneaky, secret way to get new story material? Sure you do! The fun part is that all along the trip we will have new stories to tell from the road we just traveled.

Shellie: And now, back to the races. You may return to your regularly scheduled browsing.

River: PS - I am proud to report that baby Jeep Angel is reportedly leaving the shop finally today after that little run in with the deer.

Keep reading and keep believing,
Shellie and River

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  1. You girls keep me in my laughter zone... I can't visit all the places that you are touring, but I definitely will be following you, and no I am not your stalker. lol Just a simple woman who loves a great read... Keep on rolling with the flow,;)