Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rock Point Books Rocks

River: Sometimes when your on the road you never know what to expect. What we decided was the journey is part of the trip. We discovered this as part of our blog below which you can see with those photos of the Dixie Belle Look Alike and Darlene's baby Bel Air.

Shellie: Not knowing what to expect is one thing, having the right perspective to open your eyes and see the opportunities and messages around you, why, that’s a different animal entirely. Remind us to tell you THAT story.

River: Now, part of the journey we had originally planned was to visit Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC and take a little break and a Buggy Ride. Then our tour was rerouted through Fairhope, AL and Jackson, MS and the coast had to be postponed for another trip. But WAIT! What is that in Downtown Chattanooga when we arrive but a Horse and Buggy carriage complete with Dalmatian Dog!

Shellie: We made a commitment to each other right there on the spot. We will ride in that buggy ‘fore we leave, yes we will.

River: What we discovered in Chattanooga when we first arrived was that Shellie had fans waiting on her who are official and dedicated “Porchers” – people who sit on her cyber porch, readers and listeners of All Things Southern (can you see the fanship t-shirt?)

Shellie: And how could I ever tell you what it meant to see someone show up who had never written in to me but had been there for years, years, showing up with an ATS shirt and a heart of solid gold?!  This time and space won’t permit. Let me just say that Mike and his wife have written themselves on the pages of my heat and yes, we did have prayer together right there in Rock Point Books. We are on the Wing and a Prayer Tour after all.

River: Then we had surprise guests who were visiting from Crossville, TN - and I had the great pleasure to meet this young lady Kayla along with her beautiful family. They were a great audience and she just captured my heart for stepping forward in a special way and declaring her love of story.

Shellie: The end of that story has River running down the street to “finish” some business with that small child who had stolen her big old heart but she will have to tell you that one.

River: I have to tell everyone that the customer in the red shirt was lured into the store by the Geleto Italian Ice Cream then Shellie lured him deeper into the story circle by telling stories and asking for props from pockets as part of our tell a story on the spot reader game. - He pulled a dollar from his pocket and we had to take it from there. Never fear, a story was lurking near.

River: Anna and her beautiful staff took great care of us and please tune in to our radio shows for their interviews about  'the state of the book'. At the end of the night we met a few wild, women who told us to watch for them at Foxtale in Woodstock where they planed to join us.

River: And finally - because we just couldn't resist, we took the buggy ride. Featured for your viewing pleasure - Eragon the horse and Max the dog.

Shellie: Ah, the carriage ride. What a fitting end to a great day.

On a Wing and A Prayer  - and a very, soft pillow. 

River & Shellie

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  1. Oh; those nostalgia times of the buggy rides. You girls are so blessed...Hope all is well with you...