Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rain on the Roof

Every writer needs a little quiet time, particularly after traveling hard and heavy - but I'm not certain all writers find it . Currently we are hidden in a writer's studio above City Lights Bookstore. Tucked away quiet literally in a warm, inviting place full of light and grace.

Thank you to City Lights Chris for making us feel so sincerely  Welcomed. We are looking forward to spending more time with you,  interviewing staff and readers tomorrow morning on The State of the Book for radio programs.

For the record, this is a beautiful town. As picturesque in the mountains as they get. The kind of thing that calls to the soul of a writer to put down the words. Pen to paper, or rock to wall - makes no nevermind. The fact is, some places breed story like nobody's business and Sylva is one of those places that just invites you to take a deep breath, wander around, amble a little down the sidewalk, and capture a dreamy character on page in the making.

Shellie did just that today by working on her upcoming work as I toyed around with radio equipment and ideas for the new show. She also updated her personal blog with a rather intimate story from the road and you can find it at her own personal blog linked from All Things Southen tomorrow!

Right now, the rain is playing itself out through the night as I write these words. I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate each and everyone of you following the tour along whether your meeting us on the road, keeping up on Twitter and Facebook, or simply riding along in spirit. It matters to us so much that you are out there as we carve our way across the states and around rock slides collecting (and gracious me - TELLING) story after story, mile after mile.

Blessings and Sweet dreams from Your Writers On the Road!

River and Shellie


  1. Amen! to your quiet time girls. Gosh your writings are so beautifully written. So memorable! I can see the place and smell the mountain air as I read.. Sweet Dreams tonight, for you truly deserve them.. ~a simple woman ;)

  2. I knew you would love Sylva. We discovered it on a getaway a couple years ago. Such a pretty little town, yet bustling with activity!

    I'm so glad you got to experience it. And really glad you experienced "Streetwise" -- so that you didn't miss a thing!

  3. Sounds like you are having so much fun mom! I am glad that everything is going good. We miss you here and can't wait to have you back. Do you have Mary Elizabeth on the tour with you?

  4. Hey Lee-- thanks for your kind words. I'm thankful you're following the tour and enjoying it!

    Hey Faye! Yes-- we loved Slyva-- the writer's loft was a sweet place to camp out!

    Jessica Ann, we are definitely having fun. Tonight at our event I met another "Jessica" and her friend Vicki-- about your age. I showed them your blog and they loved it! They tell me they are going to follow you and cook up some of your food. :)

  5. Beautifull pictures ! I may never get that far even though we are both retired .I've always wanted to go back to my roots that we have traced so far back to the 1740's in North Carolina and then South Carolina. I may only get to see it thru your pic's . So thanks for that. Riding a long with you as you go . Rest your spirit and start again each day anew. And be carefull ---Rock slides-- Makes me nervous. The stops seem to have nice B and B's and that is good to know just in case I can talk my sister or husband into making a trip that way. Check in later-- Thanks for the ride again.