Monday, March 29, 2010

Leaving Dauphin Island…

Hey folks, River’s driving and I’m throwing pics up on the blog to get us half-way caught up as we are going to be hitting Fairhope with a host of other things awaiting on the to-do list to be attacked in the hotel room before our event at Page and Palette. We’ve heard so much about this bookstore and the wonderful reading environment they’ve created. We’re excited about seeing and hearing from those of you who’ve been in touch letting us know that you’re coming out, as well as the many surprise conversations that we’re always finding at every stop. 

Last night we were treated to the warm hospitality of Herman and Ginger King on Dauphin Island. Among other gifts, Herman writes for DeSoto. I’ve included a pic of his article in the zine I picked up in the living room as well as a neat shot of him holding a hand-written poem he read us aloud this morning. I enjoyed it and have plans to include it here when we emails it.

Below that you’ll see them pointing us out of the neighborhood as has become the custom on this great road trip and towards Shell Mound Park where I, of course, had to climb a tree to pose for a picture as I spent my childhood reading in a tree—and writing important works that have yet to be published. (I have not given up on the hope that someone will buy “Martha and Her Horse”.) Please note that “good pics” of the tree experience were taken by Herman while the one with the moss draped across my face comes compliments of River. Thanks, pal. (FYI: River says, “Shellie, I was going for the mysterious writer look and you must admit it looks mysterious.”) 

I hope you’ll enjoy the scenery, but please don’t miss the last pic. It speaks to us as we feel a little more like road-kill at this moment (and, alas, I did see a pic of a dead possum that would fit really well right here but, we didn’t stop and let me get it) than the raring to go wordsmiths  we were about fourteen days ago---- WAIT ----breaking news alert----FRESH BOILED PEANUTS –we’re pulling off now. Later dear ones…


























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On a wing and a prayer,

River and Shellie


  1. What a treat for Herman and Ginger, and I'm sure they were also great hosts! I'm wanting to read Herman's poem.... and can't wait to see both of you tomorrow night! BTW... I emailed about a dozen friends in Jackson (MS) about your appearance at Lemuria tomorrow at noon... hope some of them can make it out to meet you guys. Have fun in my home town!

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  3. That's a long climb up that old tree girl!lol If your are trying to reach the Heavens above then you just need to turn yourself right back around..You have a job to finish down here first!! lol...Keep on rolling with the flow..;)

  4. Dawg gone it.. Removed old comment which I posted