Sunday, March 28, 2010

Catching Conversations Everywhere We Go!

We have been having some serious conversations with book owners and readers all around the South for a number of days now. And yes, what you see here are a lot of pictures and all the fun and wackey stuff (okay some of it) but don't be lulled into the false security that those other conversations are not taking place.

We are currently in Auburn, up from Montgomery, and headed now to Fairhope, AL. We are also currently held up in a hotel room with head phones on working on respective projects, radio shows, blogs and deadlines.

But what we really, really want you to understand is that we are developing this great, invaluable conversation about the importance of human contact. The old face-to-face kind where people wander into their community bookstores and get recognized. It has been such a pleasure getting to know booksellers across the region and also to meet new readers all along the way.

River Jordan Live will feature some of this out-takes this Wednesday, a discussion on what has been happening all along the way, and follow up later with more interviews and material captured.  All Things Southern will be bringing back a bushel of stories to tell about what we have discovered on this long and winding jouney.

Stay tuned. We couldn't be out here doing this without all of your support. A special thank you to SIBA for hosting a Conversation with Book Sellers at the Spring Book Show. It was such a pleasure. And to all the most recent bookstores Capitol One News and Books, Little Professor Books,  Bookselller at St. Vincent's, the Gnu's Room and places prior that have taken the time to sit down with us. We appreciate all you do to support the power of Story and put the right book in the right hands!

Getting YOUR story and bringing to the world Soonest on . . .
A Wing and A Prayer!

River and Shellie


  1. Wow I thought I had only missed a day or so of checking the blog! My goodness y'all have been busy! Looks like plenty of stories abound and I hope they are all making it in that bb so you can remember to tell them all to me :) miss u bunches!

  2. You girls have been fantastic through out your trip!. I have had so much fun watching your adventures..My prayers are forever copious to you! Thanks for making my day brighter :)

  3. Loved visiting with Shellie and River @ The Book Store @ St Vincent's Birmingham, Al. Have a GREAT trip!
    Kim Cooper

  4. You two are a dream. The time we spent with y'all at Page and Palette last night was some of the best we've spent in a bookstore. Good luck on the rest of your tour, and keep us in mind if you need someone for the back seat ;)

    Sandra and Rick