Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Book Talk at Susan’s Parlor Party

Susan Cushman set up the most beautiful table, a special area with a few of our books, and began to host the Book Talk in the Parlor!


Friends and smiling faces!
And a table fit for a Queen!
At the last minute we discover that Real Simple had all the advice we needed - More Time for You and how to find it. IF only we had found this at the beginning of the trip we may have seen Rock City and Graceland!
Ann wins a drawing from Panola Pepper!
These tired, road weary Radio hosts were still all smiles in Susan's gracious company.
DSC_0022Once again - someone had to point the way out of here as our tour draws closer to the end. We'll be on the road to Tupelo, Mississippi tomorrow and then turn the Jeep North to Nashville for one last stop. ON a Wing and a Prayer and a Shoestring! 

River and Shellie

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  1. What a wonderful table setting!
    Be safe girls on your way home..You have been a delight to this old stranger.. I will be following you all the way home with prayers in my heart. :)