Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Road from Waynesville, NC to Woodstock GA

River: We are loving the views and the people everywhere we go. Obviously as you can see, the Road to Waynesville was no exception. Please come with us, we are on a little journey and we want to take you along.



And going around these curves everywhichaway we are saying - WAIT! That reminds me of a story!

And while road trips are for views like this one of the Great Smokey Mountains, they are also for meeting beautiful people along the way.  Our lovely hostest at the Great Smokey Mountain Visitors Center thrilled us by sharing how many book clubs were in the area and what they had been reading. Book Club you say? Can we just lean on this counter while and talk words?


Shellie: And this is the bear that wandered up to me on the side of the road when we stopped for that trash can. Without any warning, he pounced on me and it was “On, Chicken Bone!” It wasn’t easy and I’m not at total liberty to tell you all of my bear wrestling tricks because I may go into that line of work if this doesn’t work out, but suffice to say I whooped him down to his knees right there on the spot and made him swear to Jesus he wouldn’t bother anymore weary travelers. 

bearRiver - We are on our way to Foxtale Books. If only we had a little blinky gps signal going off so you could see us coming around the mountain!

We love you for following, tracking, and traveling along on this big adventure. Stay tuned for more stories.

On a Wing and a Prayer,

River  and Shellie

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  1. Oh! My belly aches from the laughter!You know one of those deep down ones where you can't catch you breath..Such a good feeling.. Great pictures also!