Friday, March 19, 2010

A Conversation from Landmark Books

Shellie: It's been our intention all along to send daily video clips to Youtube. Unfortunately, I already have oneYoutube account and it won't seem to allow me to create another one designated soley for the tour.  It is also unfortunate that my Youtube account was set up under the name "Little Dragoon" but it won't allow me to change that either and the why behind that title is a storey for another night. I hope you enjoy this little clip. For the record, I realize I don't hold the camera steady, my voice is way too close to the mic, and I don't frame my subjects that well, but I believe you'll find the content interesting! This is on the job training folks, stay tuned.

Please feel free to share our video on Youtube.

Keep reading, keep believing,
River and Shellie

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  1. Okay I am a believer of all things good.. I feel it in my bones..This will definitely be a great tour.:)